The New Beauty Trend For All Lazy Girls

Posted in How-To's by Quinn  |  January 22, 2018

A new beauty trend is among us — and it’s great for all the lazy girls out there.

This trend is skin glazing, which is great for any sluggish woman getting ready for the day ahead.  Instead of using makeup to highlight your features, this new trend argues that skincare products do a better job.  And from all the Instagram posts we’ve been scanning, we kind of agree.  This trend is genius.


How To Get The Skin Glazing Look

Basically, the whole idea is to use all your skincare products you have to moisturize and highlight your face, minus the work makeup normally does.  To get this naturally beautiful look, first start off by spraying your face with a hydrating face mist on your slightly damp skin (we really like anything with rosewater).  Then mix a few drops of your favorite face oil into your moisturizer before applying to your skin.

Finally, if you’re still feeling a little dry or just naturally have dry skin, spray your face with that hydrating face mist you love once more.  You should be left with naturally dewy, moisturized skin that is highlighted in all the right places.  Even your favorite foundation couldn’t get your skin to look this good!

Even though you spend a little bit more time moisturizing your skin than you might normally do in the morning, it’s so worth it.  You may even have the confidence to continue your day minus foundation!

“Skin glazing” is a trend that we are here for — and we can’t wait to tell all our lazy girl friends!