Color of the Year: Pinterest’s Is Better Than Pantone’s

Posted in Home by Quinn  |  January 22, 2018

If, like me, you hate Pantone’s color of the year (Really?  Ultraviolet?), prepare to feel better instantly.

Pinterest has released their most searched color for the year of 2018:  sage.  And boy, are we loving it way more than Pantone’s color of choice.

Maybe it’s because it’s not as highlighter-y, or maybe it’s just a better color for your home.  Either way, sage is just a great, soft, grey-tinted green that really helps brighten up any home.

Plus, anyone loving Hygge out there?  Isn’t this color perfect for those living the Hygge lifestyle?

Pinterest Sage is better than pantone's color 2018


Plus, there are literally A TON of ways you could style or decorate your home with sage.  The calming color looks brilliant in kitchens, but also feels right at home in bedrooms.  The color defies all rooms.  Unlike ultraviolet, which Pantone is definitely trying to push, sage is a bit more peaceful.  I mean, can you imagine decorating your whole house in that bright purple color.

Maybe we’re in the minority, but we’ll just take the sage, please!