The Painting Mistake You Should Never Make

Posted in Home by Quinn  |  January 30, 2018

Redecorating a house, a room, a… anything can be a lot of work.  And while some people regard painting to be, maybe, the easiest part of a redecoration project, there are a ton of mistakes you can find yourself making.

Just ask Joanna Gaines!  The HGTV star and home decoration guru has made her own fair share of mistakes when painting.  Luckily, the pro is here to tell us just what we should avoid doing.

Gaines says that the number one painting mistake most people make has nothing to actually do with technique — but has everything to do with lighting.

You have to “consider where your light is coming from”, she told KILZ.  A lot of people pick out colors that look amazing, colors that they love, and paint their walls this color — only to find out that, once upon their walls, the color is pretty awful.  This has a lot to do with lighting, most importantly natural lighting.

Gaines says that you have to consider natural lighting when painting a room — and you have to consider how the light affects each portion of the wall.  Some walls may bathe in a ton of natural sunlight during the day, while others are relegated to the shadows.  This is normal in houses — and paint colors can look different when hidden in the shadows or when bathing in the sunlight.

Is there any way to make this problem or mistake go away?  Sadly, you’re just going to have to be patient and play around with the colors you like with the natural sunlight your room provides.

But trust us:  the patience is well worth it.