Why Being Selective With Friends Is An Important Part of Self-help

Posted in Wellness by Quinn  |  January 22, 2018

Self-help is important for everyone.  We all should take time out of our day to meditate or keep to ourselves in order to treat our mind and body.

One way we can make sure we’re as healthy mentally as possible is to eliminate those friends that aren’t making us feel good.  We all have them — and it seems like we always will.  But having friends that consistently make you feel annoyed — or even bad — about yourself is NOT okay.  And we shouldn’t be putting up with it just because we’re trying to be nice.

You need to take care of you.  And if that means distancing yourself from a friend that makes you feel horrible each and every time you see them, then that’s what that means.  You shouldn’t be tearing yourself apart for a friend that doesn’t even care!

Of course, there are good and bad days for everyone, including friends.  Don’t just cut someone off after getting into a fight with them one day.  Think about those friends that are consistently depleting you.  Think of those friends that can be selfish, and never bring you joy.  Those are the friends whose relationships you need to consider.

Having friends that mentally exhaust you is not good.  It’s just not.  If you’re not thinking of your mental health, you should be.  And once you distance yourself away from those energy-sucking friends, you really do notice a difference.  You suddenly have more energy to do other things, and you’re not nearly as mentally fatigued as you used to be after hanging out with them.

Just make sure you keep your own mental health in mind when you’re with friends.  Friends are important, and most people ignore the negativities of their friends for different reasons — most notably because they are friends.  However, at the end of the day, having a friend that depletes you is not a good friendship.

You need to think about yourself, once in a while.