PSA: Black Wine is Now In (Buy Some!)

Posted in Wine by Quinn  |  April 4, 2018

Bye bye rosé!  Looks like a new trendy wine is in.

Yep, you heard it here first:  black wine is officially the coolest wine ever.  While we love a chill glass of rosé, there’s just something about this black wine that is to die for.

What, exactly, is black wine?  Well, to put it simply, black wine is really just red wine made from a specific type of grapes (Saperavi, if you were wondering) that make it look black.  In fact, upon closer inspection (or if you just have a good eye), black wine is really just dark purple wine!



Black wine comes from the country of Georgia, where Saperavi grapes are plentiful.  However, these specific grapes are now being grown and harvested around the world!  Winemakers ferment the wine differently, depending on each individual winemaker, but common methods are fermenting and aging them in clay vessels underground or aging them in oak.

Wanna know how it tastes?  Simply put:  amazing.  It’s honestly a very easy wine to drink!  It’s well balanced and has a ton of kick.  Even if you’re not the most experienced wine drinker, this type of wine may just become your favorite.

Don’t mind us — we’ll just be grabbing a few bottles and trying out this bad boy with some great cheese!  Maybe we’ll even add some nice grilled chicken!